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  1. Thanks guys. Villiers Services seem to have all the parts I need so I hope to be up and running soon. Just have to decide how to restore it now.
  2. Seems to of been quite a bit of ML chat as of late. I've been trying to get mine to run but I'm in need of the flywheel magnets re-magnertising (spelling). Is there anyone who can be recommended for this? I also found a small box of ML parts which include folding footrests which came with the bike when it was purchased in the '80's so things are moving forward.
  3. Another question. Was there ever a method of carrying a Bren gun on a James. Not for firing of course but for transportation?
  4. Thanks very much, fantastic information. I had no idea what the bike was so any help was going to be worthwhile. I'll take some pictures of the rear wheel and sprocket in a bit and maybe you could cast you eye over them too. If there anything else worth looking at? I've never heard the bike running, it was put in the cellar before I was born! I'll do my best to sort it out though and see how I get on.
  5. Here are a couple more pictures that might help. You can see some of the green paint on the crank cases below the chain and also in the close up picture. Sorry they arnt that good. The bike is back in the cellar now and its raining out side.
  6. Thank you for your reply. What parts of the bike look military? I've read though a few topics on here about the James and it seems the military ones didn't have a speedo, or the longer rear mudguard plus the footrests. Is that about the only differences? I still find it interesting that if it did start life as a "normal" ML why its engine has been painted green then stripped. Thanks again Stephen
  7. Hello everyone. First post here. I joined the forum hoping to find some help with my 1945 James ML. I was left it by my mother who was left it by her father (I know I'll try and keep it short) who purchased it off the Vicar (don't all laugh) of Iybridge, Devon. I was told the vicar wanted transportation and was granted the use of this motorcycle. It was repainted (by the factory?) in black with silver side pannels. However the engine must have been rather tricky to get all the green paint off as there is still a fair bit of it in the harder to get at places. From what I was told
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