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  1. I have now completed the model of the Meadows generator, next I will start coverting a Dinky Bedford RL into a REME Repair Wagon.
  2. That looks to be in very good condition. This is a process I have never seen. The one we did our trade training on in Arborfield was in a hanger and stood on its levelling jacks. I don't remember seeing the wheel stations, perhaps they were stored elsewhere.
  3. Thanks for that Richard, I have not come across Fort Nelson before. I will put that on my list. I was in REME as a radar tech and apart from some time at 35 Central at Old Dalby spent a huge amount of time with the gunners.
  4. If you look at Richard's posting above it sits on a plinth between two wheel stations which incorporae four levelling jacks. I can't answer your second query, I did my trade training on this in either 1969 or 1970 at Arborfield, after that I never saw one again in all my 12 years of service. I have attached a photo of one at Muckleborough, on the right is the silenced generator on the left what looks like a Ferret.
  5. It definitely is a Green Archer, it looks rather sad. Not quite sure why it should be at Fort Nelson. It is a battlefield radar for locating mortar bombs.
  6. I did trade training on Green Archer at SEE Arborfield, it had another four wheeled trailer to go with it and that was a sillenced generator. There is one of each sat outside in the elements at Muckleborough. Dave
  7. Thank you but that is the trailer for the 15kVa set I remember using those as well as the Meadows. The posting that Wally has done has the specification and dimensions. Thanks again Dave
  8. Wally that is perfect, thank you very much. I can do some serious planning now. Thanks again Dave
  9. Hello Guys I am scratch building a model of the 27.5kVa Meadows Generator. I have enough pictures but I do not have any dimensions. Does anyone know the width, depth and height of one of these as it would have sat on the Sentinel trailer. I remember these from my time in the Outer Hebrides we had a number of them up there and then in Germany I used to drive a Bedford RL Radar Repair Vehicle with the gen set in tow. You had to leave a decent space behind the vehicle in front as emergency stops were not too quick!!!
  10. Hello everyone I am Dave, I live in Northamptonshire and I am very glad to have joined the forum. I am 63 and between 1969 and 1981 served in the Army with REME as a Radar Techy. I do not yet own a military vehicle but I do want to buy an Austin Champ some day fairly soon. I well remember driving Austin K9s, Commers, Bedford RLs and MKs, Land Rovers and the truly exotic Morris 1000 Traveller staff car!!! Unofficially, off-road, I had fun with Stalwarts, 432s, Scammell Explorers, my regret is that I never had a go in either Leyland Martians or Antars. I am the editor for the Dinky Toys Collectors’ Association and produce their quarterly journal. For this I have recently written a number of short articles on the fabulous range of Dinky military vehicles from the 1950s and 60s. I still have three or four more articles to write to complete this series and I suspect I will be asking questions as I gather research material. I hope to be an active member of the group rather than just a reader. :-)
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