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  1. We had a few hours to spare this afternoon so stripped the rear bogey down, heres a couple of pics of the rear spring seat bearings. As we thought they are completely knackered. on closer inspection of the torque rods there seems to be a lot of perishing on the rubbers! can anyone advise just what we can get away with with these and what to watch out for?. We've also decided to replace the rear springs as a matter of course they're very rusty and pitted and i'm sure would not last for long once in use. We plan to split the axles tommorow hopefully there's no horror stories awaiting us in there :-) Cheers Steve..
  2. Hi Folks its been a while and almost 12 months since we bought the truck and we've finally started to dismantle it!. Lot's of nuts and bolts have rusted so bad that they were half there original size but with some determination they all come undone!, amazing really considering the condition of them. Easter sunday the rear axle bogey was first off this is where the worst of the rust was but an afternoon had this all undone and off. I only had a couple of hours Monday evening but this was enough to get the front axle off. Years of leaking oil in this area meant this came off with no problems at all. Next weekend we'll hopefully alter the chassis "as the donor is a Banjo axle chassis" and get the axles split checked over and bolted to the donor chassis. we can think about getting it blasted and undercover then. Cheers Steve..
  3. Think we'll take a chance with the spare for now Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks for the chassis info we'll see how best to tackle it when the old chassis is stripped. Cheers for the link to the tyres I think i've seen the same ad on Ebay?, I'd better start saving! £1250 for 10 :wow: it's a bitter pill to swallow but we have to have them and I really want the original bar grip pattern. Regards Steve
  5. The chassis is from a Banjo axled truck I believe!, so with the info that you've armed me with it looks like it may not be as straight forward as first thought! We had planned just to swap the chassis over but it we'll most likeley have to use our front end and join them together just to the rear of the transfer box crossmember, or fit the crossmembers from the old chassis, we'll access it when we get both chassis side by side . How much difference is there in the rear axle mountings between the split and banjo chassis? would the longer torque rods be due to different mountings on the axle or the chassis? as i'm hoping that the axle mounts on the chassis will be the same!. Thanks for the help so far. Regards Steve..
  6. Hi Folks it's been a while since i've posted on here. Not much has happened with the GMC since my last post as other personal things have had to take over but we're finally ready to get stuck into the restoration. We've managed to obtain a replacement Chassis, Load bed and a slightly better cab. The first weekend in Feb we'll be towing it to the workshop and stripping her down. A small band of mates will be assembled for the strip down, then the axles will be serviced and fitted to the replacement chassis and we'll work from there. It will be great to finally get it into the workshop. A couple of pics Cheers Steve.
  7. Here's what we're up against Cheers Steve
  8. Hi again folks, thanks for all the comments and helpfull advice we have some avenues to explore now for tyres so thanks for that. We have a more serious problem for now. We lifted the body off at the weekend and what we have found is not good. The whole top rail of the chassis is rotten around the rear axles and quite a bit of the bottom too, this has meant that with the weight of the lorry being on it for all these years that the area where the rear springs bolt to the chassis has gone uphill and the rest down:-(. But dont fear we're not giving up on her, we think that we've sourced a second hand section that can be welded in and strenthened to make it good again, my brother has done this sort of work before on HGV's so we dont see this being to much of a problem but work on the chassis was not what we expected but I suppose she's nearly seventy years old so can be forgiven for being a bit ripe. G506 It looks like we're going to be restoring our cab, finding a better one was a long shot, we'll have to see whats left after shotblasting I'll post some pics up of the chassis tommorow. Cheers Steve..
  9. Hi Again folks, We found the serial number this evening we have dated it to early 1942, supposedly there is a lot of paperwork to come from the solicitor for the truck so we're looking forward to trawling through this when it arrives. We're hoping to get the truck in a state that it can be moved on the road as it's currently stored a couple of miles away at a farm, We are removing the body tommorow so that we can get at the hubs etc better. The brakes are first on the agenda so any advice on what to look out for in this area on this model would be appreciated. Can anybody reccomend a company that can supply 7.50x20 tires for it? I suspect that these are a bit scarce now but here's hoping :-\ sorry for all the questions. Cheers Steve..
  10. Hello again we managed to recover the old girl today she ran without a hicup and got alot of looks as she went down the road heres yet another video more to follow thanks steve
  11. Hi, not as suprised as we were when she fired up :-) she's still got the original petrol engine fitted. We are complete novices when it comes to CCKW's so we had to work out what all the controls did, after we worked out how to start her it was just a case of cleaning the points and contacts on the rotor arm and cap to get a spark, the lift pump didnt work so we filled the float chamber through the plug on top and away she went. we took the pump home and serviced it last night and it pumped like a good un once refitted. we replaced a couple of hoses this evening and it even seems to hold water. Hopefully all the stuff from behind it will be moved tommorow so we can back it out of it's resting place, the video is very poor but we plan to video it properly tommorow evening. Cheers Steve
  12. thanks we've had a play last night and tonight and have managed to get her running and moving under her own steam even the winch is working heres a rather bad video of her first start up P.S we are looking for a better cab and body ours are very rough, we're not expecting a minter but something better than we have would be nice, any help would be much appreciated thanks again Steve
  13. Hi me and my brother have just agreed to buy a GMC CCKW from a local gentleman we hope to fetch it next weekend. I have pasted a link to a video we took of it in its current resting place she needs a lot of work but we are willing to restore her to her former glory. More video of recovery to follow we are told she runs so are hoping to go down and get her going next saturday and recover her on sunday Steve.
  14. hello again there has been some further devolopments the owner sadly died in january this year my brother and i have been in contact with the next of kin. we have been told to have a look and make an offer we went down this morning and had a look. it is in very poor condition the chassis looks ok, the cab is very rotten along with the body it has been modified to spread grit salt in its later life and is now only suitable as a pattern the vechicle seems complete and still has its original winch none of the tyres are original they are all later truck style. the engine is complete and rumoured to have run a few years ago all the brakes are stuck to sum up it is a major restoration project bordering on past it my question is what would be a fair price to offer bearing in mind it is very rough i understand without pictures it is very difficult to put a price on but any help would be greatly recived i have described it as best i can if someone in the know could give me a rough idea of value it would help alot hope to upload pics soon cheers steve
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