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  1. Sorry to report that a early member of the MVCG and AWDC and friend Richard Anstey passed away the other day. He was always on the show scene in his Morris MRA1 and later on in his Pig and Portuguese Land Rover. I have details of a service if anyone is interested. 01483 200567 Philip.

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      Oh crikey poor old Richard. I last spoke to him several times a year ago to tell him of the loss of John Newton. He was grateful that I let him know so was able to attend John's funeral which he found very moving as they had been good friends for many years.

      I well remember Richard's Pig, Rosie as he called it, that he bought from Roy Elvis. I also remember his MRA1 when he took it to a show at Aldershot Army Museum,  I recall a senior officer lifted the canvas to peer in at the back. Richard hurriedly apologised as there was an armchair & table in the back that detracted from its authenticity. The officer said no apology was needed it was kitted out just as he would wish in the field!

      I think Richard worked as a gardener for the Aldershot council, something that he relished as it gave him to great opportunities to observe all manner of military vehicles passing by.

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