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  1. Hello, To introduce myself, I live in Sussex, ponce about with various old motor vehicles. I have raced classic saloons and trialled a kit car and a 1929 Austin 7. On the military side, I have assisted in the restoration of two Bedfords, a MW and an OY and attended the 50th anniversary celebrations with a group of us in these - it was superb. I have also been to Bovvy a few times to play in the mud. I have left it rather late, but hope to find a vehicle to attend this year. Ideally a Weapons Carrier, jeeps have become silly money, but anything weapons carrier down, even a military motorcy
  2. Hello, I am taking a Bedford MW over for the D-day celebrations this year. I have not been since the 50th Anniversary year - which was fantastic - so cannot remember what's what. Any suggestions on accommodation, be it camp sites, Chambre-dotes etc gratefully recieved. Thank you Jules
  3. Hello, Does anybody know of a WC51 or 52 for sale? One that works. While I am here - what are the MOT rules on a WC51/52? Are they treated as a lorry or a car? Thank you Jules
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