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  1. Hi 

    thank you for your comments on my Mk 1 helmet got it from my cousin who does house clearances and he cleared a old man’s house where ther was lots of ww2 related stuff so I do think everything about it would be original it’s dated 1944 would you have any idea where date marks would be in th3 shell

    1. Enigma


      The steel shell of a RAC helmet hasn't got any markings stamped into them. 

      A bit weird because early Para and the Infantry shells do have stampings in them, no idea why they didn't date/mark RAC and Despatch shells.

    2. Tim efg

      Tim efg

      Could you tell mr where the para helmet she’ll marks would be please

    3. Enigma


      If it has markings it should be somewhere on the inside.

      If its  a 3 bolt version it probably won't have markings in it. 4 bolt version is possible but not a given.

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