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  1. No we never got to the bottom of this and no suitable part was ever found. Assuming you are not a police officer 😆 we did the following .............. fitted a spacer where the hub should have gone and locked the brakes on the trailer so they could not be engaged. As it is a show piece and towed behind a 101 we decided we could live with it like that until a part ever appeared! Not ideal I know but my brother has no budget to re-engineer the hubs as some have done. Not much help sorry. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for replying. It is a Sankey trailer with their rating plate detailed on the side but was they were 'beefed' up to 1-ton for the Rapier setup. The part number for 'all the other' Sankey units is different to the Rapier one 😞 The axle-end, bearing and brakes are all uprated hence a very rare part to try and find. I'll keep looking. Cheers for now.
  3. Good afternoon, first post on HMFV. We have a fractured brake drum on a Rapier Sankey 1-Ton FV2410 trailer and need a new single brake drum. Brake Drum Part No. FV654540 NATO (NSN) 2530-99-810-5102. Where on earth to start looking? It seems an impossible task to find one. Has anyone got a spare for sale, please? Thank you for looking. Located in South Derbyshire.
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