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  1. Thank you, that sounds like a good idea 😁
  2. I'm really glad I asked as there is obviously some very knowledgeable folk on here😀 I'm sure it just says domestic vehicles?
  3. Now you mention it it's obvious😬 I didn't twig on that duh!😁 Thank you
  4. Hello What is a party wall agreement? Never heard of that term? Colin
  5. Thank you☺the log book clearly says Historical vehicle so I guess I'll have to let the solicitors fight it out?
  6. Hello Bit if a strange one this so bear with me! We are in the process of buying a new home in Somerset and part of the land out the back of our potential new property has been sold and a house is being built, we knew this already. The problem is the owner/builder is trying to get an injunction to stop us crossing his land to get to the back of our property, the original sales agreement clearly said we have right to access. he's saying the vehicle is a commercial vehicle and is breaking the terms of the agreement? My truck is a 1941 Austin K2 GS lorry, 80yrs old in 2021, d
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