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  1. Hello Rene Thanks for responding, was giving up hope! I am assuming there are TWO Driver Modules? I'm note entirely sure but i do have another spare unit. I could try and swap the module over and see. My email is shaun@parsecgreenenergy.co.uk and I would be most pleased for the manual. I've not repaired or opened an IBMU before but there appears to be a few articles from other enthusiasts I can follow. Thanks once again. Shaun
  2. Hello Everyone I have a Clansman IBMU which has developed a Mod 3 fault. It was working and worked really well. I have no idea what this fault refers to nor how to repair it. I have tried to research but TBH its looks difficult to find, source parts and repair. Is there anyone that can help? I could potentially repair this with guidance but as a last resort could post for repair? Thanks, any help appreciated. Regards Shaun M7AVH
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