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  1. Yes I’ve seen something like this elsewhere, I drew a rough sketch so from the pos and neg terminals on the Rover the + and - connections are ok but where does the earth connection run to or what do I connect it to?
  2. We use them (Lights) in CPs but as they are Clansman (era) based there are no spares held on stock so although stores still retains parts you have to make the wiring looms yourself.
  3. Morning everyone, hope all is well with you. I’ve acquired a set of Penthouse Lamps to use within a CP but need to make up a cable loom to power them, I’ve been issued some connectors (3pin) too. Questions are to seek confirmation on the connection, so ... 1. I presume I need to solder my wires onto the prongs (spoon/scoop shaped) inside the connector? 2. Also there is a small insert inside the connector, do I drill out the holes to hold the wires? 3. What gauge wire should I use and should it be three moulded together? 4. Where do I connect the Earth?
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