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  1. Thanks for reposting this looks an interesting set up would love to know the results. After a few short runs the bearing does seem to always be getting some oil on it be it a small amount.
  2. I don’t have any parts from it at all just as is. Do you think it is likely to cause damage without it? Would like to know outcome of experiments. I have got hold of some C600 gear oil which I understand is correct for walking beams will this be suitable for rear diff? Thanks
  3. Thanks Richard, great photos that explains all the holes in the front grille. Will get these printed. Much appreciated
  4. No oil pump present just as I removed cover was a little concerned about the water that run out but what oil there was didn’t look terrible
  5. Well this is what lay behind the inspection cover along with some water an plenty of rusty crud. The bearing has been running in a small amount of oil an appears in good shape. I am not planning on doing big mileage or towing weight long distance. Should I be worried about this or give it all a good clean flush with diesel an fresh oil?
  6. Yep mine has definitely been removed I will remove rear cover an have a look at oil pump tonight. I have no plans to be doing a lot of towing or big mileage for a while yet so will change oil an keep an eye on temperature on some short runs. Slowly working around the grease nipples getting messy. I am looking at getting a manual/parts list but the only one I can find is for a first generation is there much difference will this be suitable? Thanks
  7. Yep one proud owner here. Will be retaining the name an having a full re paint haven’t made my mind up on colours it is showing signs of green under many layers of flaking paint in a few places. Do you have a photo of the heat exchanger? I believe mine could have been removed
  8. That’s great thanks Dave. I also hear it is a good idea to check the oil pump in the back axle that is in the list of many things to do. I will keep an eye out but I’m quite new to Scammells got rid of our Stalwart few years back just replaced it with this 1955 explorer. Probably quite recognised in its current colours.
  9. Thanks Dave that’s a big help. Running a rolls royce 220 I have 15w 40 for that an filters on order. Am I right in thinking 80/90 for rear axle, walking beams, gear box, transfer case an both winch boxes? I was told the front axle needs 80/140 does this sound right ? location North Lincs Thanks
  10. Hi everybody I am new to the forum looking for help planning on giving my explorer a complete service and change of all fluids. would anybody be able to advise me on the correct grades of oil and quantities for everything. Thanks Will
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