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  1. Ha! That wouldnt be an issue for me, gym twice a week. American Army has the -10 manuals, basic instructions for daily operations. The -20 and -34 are higher level maintenance. What is the Brit manual system? I know of one Abbot about 5 hours away at a paintball park. Last time I saw it, he had just imported the week before and didnt have any time to even learn how to drive it. Thats the only piece of British armor AFAIK in the midwest. I do know a guy who has a BTR-152 with Israeli data-plates. And my wife also loves that my LMTV trucks get me away from her. Especially when I can us
  2. Hello. I am Kevin from Saint Louis, Missouri. US Army signal corps veteran. I have several LMTV trucks (M1078, M1088) and the wife has agreed to my frankly insane idea of getting into armored vehicles as well. "As long as its smaller then the Behemoth, Ill get in" (shes afraid of the lmtv...silly woman) Doing my homework before pulling any triggers on a CVRT. Found a few shops locally that say they can do the J60 engine tuneup....we shall see. Two questions for CVRT owners: 1. which model would you recommend for a first time armor collector? Leaning towards the Sabre or Scimitar.
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