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  1. I know the question of olive drab paint colour has been asked before, however I couldn't find any suitable links or examples of the items spoken about in the other threads. As i am getting the chassis of the WC51 blasted in the not so distant future the colour of paint has rapidly become a prime thought in my mind the original green is definitely a green without any brown. Living the UK i am looking for a UK/Europe based supplier or a form of reference code for the media blasters to mix up, if there is such a thing. If anyone has any advice on the matter or examples of the colour on their own vehicles it would certainly be of the utmost interest. Kind regards, Chris.
  2. Thank you for the responses. To get new ones is £32 a pop which of course isn't anything to sniff at and some are past it, the others however make me nervous as they are bearings of indeterminate age. Kind regards, Chris.
  3. Thank you for the reply, it has come from the USA and there is a mix of makes, as you would expect but perhaps they are orginal.
  4. Here is a question for you all, I have taken apart the hubs from my wc51 and i have found a variety of bearings does anyone know if bearings i took off are correct before i go and by new ones. They are Bower BT2984.
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