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  1. It appears that sometime in the last twelve days somebody broke into one of HDF(V) stores in South Yorkshire and helped themselves to a number of Scorpion/Saladin items. These include barrel gauges, pullback kits and a quantity of spare weapons parts, could you please let me know if you are offered any parts etc from an unusual source.

  2. 23 hours ago, chrisgrove said:

    What, no Geordies on this thread?  As Safety Officer on the very first Battle Group through BATUS, I was hitching a lift with a Platoon HQ of the Infantry (Green Howards) Company at lunchtime.  Platoon Sergeant suggests 'Jam and cheese sandwiches, lads?'. Compo cheese went down well (though I seldom got jam and cheese on bread since wartime in Newcastle, mores the pity.  My Southern regiment would have laughed me to scorn had I suggested it),

    And, to add to the Squaddies Stew post, it was a standing joke in BAOR on the 70s that Mojo Stew consisted of ALL the components of compo stewed together (including the soap).


    I'm not a Geordie, but from Co. Durham, used to love the processed cheese and jam sarnies.

  3. Not exactly clothing and equipment, does anyone know where I can get 2 bars of the soap we had in the 70s/80s, the one with EIIR embossed on it, want some to put in my green wash roll

  4. On 5/3/2012 at 8:56 PM, airportable said:

    Guess what I'm working on for our living history displays! Found exact size tin in the local supermarket (peas only though....yet!) Need to sort correct colour varnish for the tin. Mate as sorted a few transfers so I can do a trial run. Still need exact tin sizes for any other products 70-early 80's.

    Rations (2) - Copy.JPG


    I know this is an okd post , but is there a link to the person who made these transfers


  5. 7 hours ago, Cornishbloke said:


    I'm looking to finish the markings on my Scorpion. It represents a vehicle from C Sqn 4RTR in the early eighties.  I cannot find any information about the divisional number seen on the front / rear.  The format is 2/10 or something like that in 2 inch white/grey.

    Does anyone have any information?

    Many thanks



    If I remember in this format 2/10, first number (2) is the Div number, and the second number (10) is the ID number for the regiment within that Div. I have no Idea what the regiments role was, I'm assuming as it is a fairly small number, they were an armoured regiment and the Scorpion was in their recce troop.We, 15/19 H were in BAOR 1979-86, ours was 3/45, as we were 3rd Div Armoured Recce Regiment.


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  6. On 12/15/2008 at 1:25 PM, AlienFTM said:

    Surely a Cent BARV would be equipped with Larkspur and harness? C42/C13/B47? Bear in mind the PSUs for the C42 and C13 were about the size of the complete equivalent Clansman set with built-in PSU, and the sets themselves nearly twice the size of the PSU (from memory).


    Looking at the Fox pics begs another question. CVR(T) and CVR(W) were designed to take Clansman but the government of the day couldn't afford both and Army chose CVR(T) and (W) to be the priority, so that during the 19702, they had Larkspur sets shoehorned in and there was NO spare space.


    I'd love to see that Fox with a C42 / C13 setup.


    Thinking about it after all these years I have the nagging feeling that one of the C13 / C42 PSUs actually had to go under one of the turret seats in CVR(T). Anyone else ex-Recce care to dredge the memory depths.

    PSU for one set went under the gunners seat


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