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  1. I’ve got a English manual for a munga if you like I can send it as a pdf to your email
  2. Ok thanks will give it a go
  3. I believe it was imported in 84 and just used on the farm so first time on the road
  4. Right then can anyone give me advice Trying to get a age related plate for my 1966 auto munga 8 I’ve joined the owners club witch they sent a Dateing letter but DVLA won’t issue a plate as only got chassis number they need a BFg and a nova form any ideas
  5. Thanks for that I will let you know how it goes
  6. How can I get a registration for it ?
  7. Chassis 3039005894 nato plate 2320-12-140-3895 engine 036598
  8. Graham m


    Hi Got a 1966 auto munga 8 with a nato I’d plate all original I need to get it registered how do I go about obtaining a registration plate
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