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  1. Thanks all. Good leads. I've got a couple of vehicles coming in. When I've got them I'll be able to make a complete list.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a supplier of spares for some of my vehicles. I have a Ural 4320, Uaz's, BRDM-2's and a BTR-60. I'm also interested in some T-55 parts. Anybody know anyone reliable? There are a lot of unprofessional people out there, let alone thieves. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi all. I'm located in Vancouver, Canada. I have a fairly extensive collection of green stuff, mostly Russian. I've got an Aro M469, 3 Uaz469's, a Ural 4320, 2 BRDM-2's, a BTR-60, a Unimog 404s, an M37 CDN, an M101 3/4 ton trailer, a Centurion Mk5 modified to look like an Abrams, an M35a2 modified to look like a Stryker and I recently sold my T55a. I'm missing it though so I'll probably buy another. I also have a bunch of vintage Mercedes Pontons and a Skoda and a Lada. They are all used in film here in Vancouver. I'm always looking for reliable suppliers of vehicles and spares as I seem to ha
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