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  1. Where could I buy a pair of suitable, authentic looking tyres for my wd/co please?
  2. gary0003

    Dkw nz 250

    I have recently acquired a 1938 ex-Wehrmacht DKW NZ 250. does anyone know where I might get parts/information about these bikes please.
  3. I have recently acquired a 1938 ex-Wehrmacht DKW NZ 250. does anyone know where I might get parts/information about these bikes please.
  4. My R/Enfield WD/CO seems to be running too rich at about 1/2 - 3/4 throttle opening as the plug "soots" up after about 20 minutes. Should I adjust the needle up/down or the pilot screw please? Thanks.(The choke is fully open)!
  5. Thank you very much for the help, I just assumed it would be necessary. Gary.
  6. Can anyone recommend a company to fit hardened valve inserts so I can use un-leaded fuel please?
  7. The only original parts of my Type 276 carb are the carb body, the Jet Block and carb top and yet no matter what I do it still runs very weak and dies if I open the choke more than half way. I have fitted a larger main jet, but this has had little effect. There doesn't appear to be any air leaks at the head so I suppose I will have to replace the the parts mentioned above?
  8. Thank you very much for your help. Would the correct ones be black with 3 buckles?
  9. Would these boots be correct for a WW2 Dispatch Rider?
  10. gary0003

    ww2 WD/CO

    Does anyone know what size the Census Letters should be on the petrol tank please?
  11. It's a brand new nylon float/needle and bowl
  12. Thanks for all your helpful replies and ideas. I have dismantled and re-built the carb with a complete new float bowl and float/needle, but fuel still seeps out of the small hole on the side of the carb - is that normal?
  13. My R/Enfield 1944 needs the choke about half closed - does this suggest the mixture is too weak or too rich please? All jets etc are correct but everything is probably a bit worn!
  14. Can anyone please advise me about where to get my R/Enfield Pillion seat re-upholstered? The seat frame is in original condition and I don't wan't it stripped and painted - but there is no covering over the springs. Can I get the parts anywhere and re-do it myself?
  15. Thanks Ron, I have heard that the gearbox should be filled with grease and then only topped up with oil - is that how you do it?
  16. Can anyone advise me on roughly how many turns out the pilot screw should be please (Amal 276 carb). When the bike is tilted to the right oil leaks out of the gearbox - it seems to come from around the kick-start shaft, what is the likely cause please?
  17. My WD/CO has its original headlight shroud fitted - is it illegal to ride like this on the road please?
  18. I can't see anywhere suitable to position a rear brake light switch for my WD/CO. Can anyone advise me please? Thanks, Gary.
  19. Can anyone tell me where I can get some scc2 paint from please. Thanks, Gary.
  20. I realise it is important for safety, but does my 1944 R/Enfield WD/CO need to have a rear brake light fitted by law please?
  21. Hello Ron, I am very glad you joined in - I am new to all this (does it show!)
  22. It's me again! I am a bit confused - are you Ron or Chris? Anyway, the gearbox seems to leek oil from around the kick-start shaft, but only when the bike is lent over and the Primary drive chain case seems to be hopeless at keeping oil in it! Are these problems normal or can they be fixed. Thanks again for your patience, Gary.
  23. Hi Chris, sorry to be so ignorant, but what is a PM please?
  24. Yes, that seems to be the piece. I expect mine has been "modified" at some time as both sides are appear to be brazed bolts! How much would you charge for x2 bolts please? Thanks, Gary.
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