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  1. Me and Sonja was really sad to hear Mario has passed nearly two years ago, I Had great times with the man and he was the best at enjoying himself and making people simle around him, but as quoted here he was a skalywag, Bless one of his down sides was he would go to ground when he wanted, and we lost contact. but I would like to thank him for being him and helping me on scrapheap. here is a pic of the team with yer man. I know you won't RIP as you will be up for a crack where ever you are. R-L Mario, me Bob and Paul. good on yer mate, to soon!!, Bob n Sonja:undecided:
  2. Hi Guys I'm building a LRDG Truck, Based on a Chevrolet Pickup, as per the original, I'm using a Chevy C15 front Axle. I've changed the front Spring Hanger to a CMP type, this has changed the way it mounts as the pickup uses a front mounted shackle and I can only think the CMP C15 uses a rear mounted shackle, but I can't find any pictures or diagrams. Plus I've not seen a Chevy C15 4x2 since I wanted to look at one (sods law:-)) can any one Help with Pics or allow me to view yours. Also I may need some spares, Front axle shackle and pins, Plus I'm after 4 speed box (that mounts the handbrake) and a R/H Bell housing (must be able to take the pedal mount) for a 216 engine. Cheers Bob
  3. hi thanks for your warm welcomes. I will post pictures, some-when, poss in the new year.
  4. My interest is rebuilding and restoring vehicles of all ages, but I also have a big interest in WW2 vehicles and currently building a 30cwt Chevy LRDG truck and a Dodge WC52 which I'm looking for spares. Bob
  5. hi friends old n new, i'm rebuilding a 30cwt LRDG chevy, I'm from Basingstoke, Hampshire. and looking for bits from right hand drive chevys inc CMP c15 parts ( the front cast Spring hanger/ bumper mounts) the four bolt tow rings on the bumper, and sprung tow bar inc cast mounts. If their is any one from down under looking for right hand parts off 1940s pickup cheers again Bob
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