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  1. Hi So as not to upset the ruling masters I had better introduce myself again ! I am Steve H from Ludlow and are not currently involved to much with the MV scene but were there in the late seventies, I painted on my GPW the name Muttley, as at the time it was as much about the driver and vehicle combo I think, we were not so interested in the authenticity as just taking a vehicle to shows and having a many interesting time with the people who had used them as they were meant to be, there were a lot of WW2 servicemen still around and able to tell you many a good story then. Back to the name and artwork, I named my jeep Muttley as at the time it got a lot of awards for being a tidy jeep, hence the name Muttley, give us a medal, from waky races cartoon show, so as much about the owner as the vehicle. I suspect some of the artwork during the war was much the same, it reminded folk of home. Regards Steve
  2. Hi All I have been around the smaller MVs from 1976 but my joy was always my ford heinz 57 jeep, an early ford with willys chassis, I rebodied it with a pattern body minus the script not knowing what I had until after the event, hind sight is a wonderful thing ! After a break from the MV scene for many years while I played with Colin Chapmans toys I am now back into the Jeep but minus my workshop facilities I used to have so planning jobs is now a military operation in itself. Having the time to get 'Muttley' my jeep back to the condition it was is going to be my first priority then perhaps you may see us both around the show scene again. To all of you out there this summer I hope the weather will be a little kinder. Best wishes Steve H
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