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  1. Hello to a fellow 1 Ton truck owner. Lovely truck with good view from the driving seat with its high seat position.

    I have the Humber types, 1 ton Truck and a Pig. Yours is larger and easier to work on as a heavy duty standard type with axles and springs.

    Enjoy it and have a smile while in the driving seat. All the best Nigel.

  2. Not related but my great friend completed 2 tours of 30 operations on Lancaster's with 75 and 550 Squadrons. He was a flight engineer and aimed for half a mile to the gallon as the optimum for operations. Filling in a log of oil pressures, temperature and transferring fuel to keep the trim and weights even. Always admired him and had plenty of time for chat and doing jobs around his house, mainly fitting lights. He was Terry Murphy, my hand goes out to all in Bomber Command for a difficult job well done night after night.

  3. Use a mineral gear oil in the transmission, axles, Tracta housings, steering box, I have found 140 grade works fine, 90 grade can be a little thin and leaks out . Use this oil in the upper and lower suspension components too, Not grease. (Need a good grease /oil gun). A good petrol engine oil, mineral based for the engine. General purpose grease in the wheel bearings with couple of squirts of oil to keep soft.

    Have fun, its a days job going round it all and slow with the tracta joints too.

  4. I have removed my tap and replaced with a tee piece 3/8 BSP and two connections to the original steel pipework, blank fitted to the third outlet. (Found its the same length as the tap). I am running on the drivers tank as don't need 2 tanks. (was finding 3 gallons of stale petrol in left tank and having to drain off).  Cleaned fuel filter as it get blocked up with being stood too.

    Yours does sound well. Have done a good job.

  5. Hi, mine was a 4236 Perkins diesel, auto box, vehicle had 33000 miles on the clock and in great condition. They are a rare truck but if yours is wanting lots of work, eg brakes, rusty cab, with welding etc, servicing, tyres. Its an expensive buy. I would think you will have a long wait at £10 thou. It also depends how quick you want the sale. I would try £6000 as a realistic figure. All the best with the RB44, Nigel.

    Put more photos on stating good points and bad may help too and list what equipment it has starting with the engine, gearbox, dynamic brake on prop etc.

  6. All the best with the sale, mine sold in full working order 6 years ago for £2500. You just need a buyer that wants to use it as a fire engine, rally recovery vehicle or support vehicle as not the fastest truck. But does have a presence and a good tow vehicle. All the best, Nigel.

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