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  1. Hello to the group!! Myself and a few friends are planning to take our jeeps to Normandy next Spring. I am sure there is quite a bit that we need to know to make sure that it all goes according to plan, so please feel free to chip in with any advice that you might feel is appropriate. I have a couple of specific questions, 1. We want to find suitable accomodation (not camping) within striking distance of somewhere where we can easily get food and drink in the evening. From my own experience of Normandy/Caen I know that some hotels have limited and insecure parking facilities. Can anybody suggest a hotel or otherwise that might fit the bill where the vehicles will be safe unattended? 2. I am not sure how you stand with driving the vehicles (respectfully that is) onto the Landing beaches. I know people do it but we would hate to offend anybody by doing something wrong. I have visted all the beaches before and Gold Beach does seem to have a slipway that might be easy to access. Once again any advice would be appereciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my questions! Andy
  2. Good advice!!
  3. Thanks to everybody for your help. I now understand the advance/retard lever :laugh: Two things: 1. What does the throttle stop screw actually do. I get the idle screw but not the throttle stop?? 2. Anybody know where I can get either an original front number plate or a good repro? Thanks again Andy
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. You are correct that the cable enters at the rear of the mag. I just took the cover off the points and when I pull the lever towards me the cable goes tight and the plate behind the points turns anti-clockwise. Hope this makes sense. thanks again andy
  5. I hope that somebody can help me with my BSA WM20 that I have just acquired. I am confused as to the advance/retard lever. Contrary to what I have been told by other people, if I am sat on the bike it appears to be fully advanced when the lever is pushed away and then retarded when I pull it towards me for starting. When started it seems to run fine when I push it away again but it would be racing if pulled towards me. I hope that this makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated.:-D jerichoe1961
  6. Hi All. I am still trying to try and find my way around this site and I really appreciate your patience. I am trying to get hold of the right paints to complete the royal artillery insignia on my WOT2 and I am struggling. I found some plasticote paints but the red was far too lurid and bright. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  7. Thanks all. Great help and advice. I really appreciate it as I am way out of my depth with the WOT2........ Andy
  8. Hi everyone, This is my second introduction (not sure what I have to do to get past this stage :-\) I am trying to work out exactly what engine, gearbox and differential oil I should be using for my 1943 Fordson WOT2 I have been given some advice already for which I am very grateful but wondered if anybody else had an opinion. Is it really that important!! I spoke to Morris Lubrication and they suggested Golden Film AG140 for the engine although I see that this is primarily a gearbox oil. They also suggested Golden Film SAE40 for the diff. Any suggestions would be gratefully received :-D
  9. Thanks to all those that have pointed me in the right direction. I managed to source a replacement halfshaft and with all the advice have successfully managed to remove all the bits of the broken one. I still would like a spare if anybody knows of one, just in case!!!!
  10. Thanks for the help. Can you point me in the right direction of o'neils as I cant find the company. Thanks Andy
  11. Thanks all, I appreciate the advice. Still looking for that half shaft :nut:
  12. Hi everyone, I live in Oxfordshire and have recently bought a Fordson Wot2 which I am looking forward to taking to shows. I have a problem in so far as I have broken a half shaft and hence I am urgently seeking a replacement. If anyone has any ideas where I might find one I would really appreciate your help. If no one can tell me where to find one does anybody have any ideas who might make one and how much it is likely to cost. Thanks
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