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  1. Thanks Clive for the bracket code. Yes I think the larger hole is the problem, it put all the stress on the other end. I searched all the manuals I had for the part code/diagrams but I couldn't find anything. I have converted my LR to a 200tdi, mounting the generator bracket to the same location as the N/A.


    Yes I could also look at making a sleeve.



  2. Hi all,


    My bolt that holds the 24Volt FFR 90 Amp Alternator to the engine bracket keeps shearing off on the engine side (not the adjustable side).


    I think it may be that at 1 end (towards the back) the M12 bolt (part BH112241L) is very loose. Is there a insert that supports it in the bracket and alternator. I think it just vibrates so much it shears off. The end with the nut on is not loose.


    Many Thanks.

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