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  1. Hi all, I have just managed to fix an indicator/hazard fault on my 1987 GS 110 and wanted to share my findings with anyone else who may be suffering the same symptoms, and consequently save you money through not buying unnecessary parts. I apologise if this is posted elsewhere but after a quick search I couldn't see anything. Ever since I've owned this vehicle the indicators have had various intermittent faults ie: They would stick on. The relay (flasher unit) would sometimes fast click. A brand new relay would fast click when first fitted then work normally. The trailer warning light on the dash would not work at all or would flash constantly with the indicator dash warning light even though no trailer is connected. The trailer warning light is supposed to momentarily flash once but only when no trailer is fitted and constantly when it is. It should flash on it's own when the hazards are operated along with the red tell tale bulb in the hazard switch itself. Any proper auto electricians please feel free to laugh or correct me but the answer is actually so simple I was going to post this in the 'I may be stupid' section! In my case there was no need to replace indicator stalks or hazard switches or go looking for chaffed wires, nor did I need to dismantle the 12 pin nato trailer socket to check for corrosion or even replace the side repeaters as they were rusted, but I did all the above anyway! The answer? The wrong relay was fitted! The one that came with the vehicle was the wrong one so any new ones I bought were copies of the same type. If you have 5w side repeaters on your landy DON'T fit Lucas or any other units that have 2+1×21w and 6×21w written on the side as this is telling you it will power 2 vehicle indicators and 1 on the trailer or 6 bulbs (4 vehicle and 2 trailer) with the hazards on. This makes no account of the extra 2×5w side repeaters on the wings! I therefore, (when the penny dropped) bought a Bearmach flasher unit with 21w×6+(2×5w) and 21w×(2+1)+(5w) which will operate a total of 8 bulbs, 4 vehicle + 2 repeaters + 2 trailer. Result? All now works as it should! Again, apologies for waffling on and probably stating the obvious, but this drove me mad for months and I hope my findings can help someone else. All the best. Mark.
  2. A big thank you to Clive, Brewstop, Iain and 0644hunt. I think the weighted load area explains what 'Ballasted' means on my Merlin Report especially as Brewstop mentions that 37 Sigs GS 110's were all KF registrations and mine is 42KF45. (Please don't tell me that's the one that went off a cliff just before it got cast to Withams!) The asset code change is still slightly baffling as it was sent for disposal with the ballasted code 3105, even though I can see no evidence of metal plates being fitted or removed and it becoming 'Unballasted'. Were they bolted in or just cut to fit and so therefore easier to remove and less likely to leave any tell - tale signs? Thank you all again and please post any other answers or info that comes to mind. Best regards, Mark.
  3. Thanks for the input, I appreciate what you're saying as I drove the top heavy Snatch Rovers in NI and know how they wallow around. I much preferred CMV work in furniture vans, (well it felt more stable anyway!) I'm still investigating what exactly is meant by 'Ballasted' in Land Rover terms and have found a photo of the warning plate fixed to the NCRS trailer. The plot thickens...
  4. Thank you for your prompt replies, they have certainly given me other avenues to explore. I don't think this vehicle has ever been fitted with radios, as it is GS and had no Dexion or other tell tale FFR evidence when I bought it. That doesn't mean to say it wasn't screened for manpacked kit though. I also can't see any obvious signs of weights or heavy plating having been applied anywhere. I am thinking that the 'ballasted' term is possibly a REME wording for having a certain job done (upgraded springs or whatever). By the way it belonged to 37 Sigs (V) and also 38 Sigs (V). Thank you again and any other suggestions will be gratefully received.
  5. Hello there, I am hoping some kind soul can help answer a question regarding the Merlin Report for my 1987 Ex-Signals 110 Defender? The Report describes it as TUM GS Cargo 12V etc, etc, which I understand, however, at the end of the description it says; BALLASTED. What the 'eck is a ballasted Land Rover? It had an asset code change in 2002 from; 1710 3103 to 1710 3105. I am assuming this is something to do with my question. Any help would be much welcomed. Thank you in advance. Mark.
  6. Hello there. My name is Mark and I am at present the owner of a 1987 110. I used to own an fv432 which I had for around 2 years but sadly had to sell as it was becoming a drain on finances, (storage, repairs etc.) I reside in the Midlands, Worcester to be precise and drive long distance for a living. I am also a hobbyist mechanic with a fair library of military land rover manuals amongst others.
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