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  1. ackack

    7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    Trailers have now been sold and will be going to a good home and not the scrapyard in the sky!
  2. ackack

    7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    Here are some more pictures as requested
  3. ackack

    7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    Near Pershore in Worcestershire.
  4. ackack

    7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    Time is running out on these trailers. If there are no buyers soon they will have to go for scrap as the site must be cleared!!!
  5. ackack

    Polsten Quad 20mm AA

    Polsten is still for sale, any takers?
  6. ackack

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    No you can't operate guns on the trailer. I think about 12" of blocks should be high enough to clear the trailer to slide it out. We did this fairly easily at a few shows many years ago, I towed it behind a Chevy Gun Tractor.
  7. ackack

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    If I remember correctly I used to jack up the platform fully on blocks of wood then 2 people can slide the trailer out holding it on the handles. Reconnecting is the reverse procedure. Loosen the jacks individually to remove the blocks. Still have mine http://www.anti-aircraft.co.uk/restoration_polstenquad.html
  8. ackack

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    Polsten Quad manuals are still available to download from http://www.canadian-register.co.uk/polsten_manual.html
  9. ackack

    Sentinel Trailer

    Its an Explorer with the double-skinned cab for Korea. Back axle is missing.
  10. ackack

    7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    For sale. Pair of WW2 7.5 ton Cranes trailers. One fairly complete, other partly dismantled. Last seen about 15 years ago, now completely covered by brambles. Sensible offers please for the pair.
  11. ackack

    Fordson N tractor

    Land army tractor, built 1941. Petrol/paraffin engine, wide wheel arches, tyres all around. Part restored, unfinished due to lack of time. All shot-blasted and painted Fordson Green. Fixings black phosphate. Dry stored. £2300
  12. ackack

    Sentinel Trailer

    For sale. trailer, 2 ton, 4w/2l, Sentinel FV2502. Contract No 6/VEH/9280. Chassis No SEN6081. Census No 60BM81. fitted with, Body, 2 ton, caravan FV2502(V), No 6/VEH/12711. Was part restored years ago, unfinished due to lack of time. Fairly original. Deep Bronze Green but needs repainting. 4 additional N.O.S. 9.00 x 16 sand tyres. £2000 images below show condition when bought
  13. ackack

    Polsten Quad 20mm AA

    For Sale. Canadian built 1944. Full strip-down, nut and bolt restoration over 10 years ago. Pipes and fittings cadmium plated, gun cradles black phosphate, everything else shot-blasted and finished in colour matched brown paint. Dry stored since. Restoration stages fully photographed. £15,000
  14. I would be very interested to know the OS grid reference for the HAA site near Leeds airport so that I can update my online map; http://www.anti-aircraft.co.uk/HAA_gun_sites_map.html
  15. ackack

    Heavy aaa site

    What are the grid reference co-ordinates ?