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  1. Fully restored 1944 Polsten Quad anti-aircraft gun and manuals. Must be sold, if not will require long term storage possibly a museum. May consider Part-Ex for campervan/motorhome.
  2. We had a Bofors many years ago and it was covered in wiring and junction boxes, drive motors etc. It came from Portugal.
  3. I am selling my 1944 CX22 due to loss of storage. It was completely stripped and a nut and bolt restoration in 2008 over 2.1/2 years. Won "Best in Show" at 2008 MVT Kemble Show. Has not been driven since. Is stored in a barn. Has a 1944 Lister JP3 230V generator installed in the rear which was to power a 1943 radar trailer. This could be removed if not required. Pictures of this fairly rare vehicle attached are from 2008. Historic Vehicle taxation, exempt from testing, drive on a car licence. A lot of spares including an engine. Realistic offers please. May consider Part-Ex for campervan/motorhome.
  4. A collection of 40 WW2 and later cloth formation badges. Offers around £500.
  5. A collection of 180 WW2 and later cloth shoulder-title badges. Offers around £1000.
  6. Rare WW2 1944 ex-Lister generator trailer for sale. Weighs about 1 ton with a carrying capacity of 2 tons. Steel chassis with wooden boards. Requires full restoration. Offers around £300 (generator not included!). Located in Pershore, Worcestershire. E-mail for more photos (zen260203@zen.co.uk).
  7. Trailers have now been sold and will be going to a good home and not the scrapyard in the sky!
  8. Here are some more pictures as requested
  9. Near Pershore in Worcestershire.
  10. Time is running out on these trailers. If there are no buyers soon they will have to go for scrap as the site must be cleared!!!
  11. Polsten is still for sale, any takers?
  12. No you can't operate guns on the trailer. I think about 12" of blocks should be high enough to clear the trailer to slide it out. We did this fairly easily at a few shows many years ago, I towed it behind a Chevy Gun Tractor.
  13. If I remember correctly I used to jack up the platform fully on blocks of wood then 2 people can slide the trailer out holding it on the handles. Reconnecting is the reverse procedure. Loosen the jacks individually to remove the blocks. Still have mine http://www.anti-aircraft.co.uk/restoration_polstenquad.html
  14. Polsten Quad manuals are still available to download from http://www.canadian-register.co.uk/polsten_manual.html
  15. Its an Explorer with the double-skinned cab for Korea. Back axle is missing.
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