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  1. ace1

    Inner tubes.

    Thank you all for the information,
  2. ace1

    Inner tubes.

    Or to put it another way, what other size tube will fit on a scammell pioneer?
  3. Hi all, does anyone have, or know of a source of 1400 x 20 inner tubes?
  4. Thanks Niels. So that is the "safety" part of the system, there is no way that a tight water pump would have any effect on the pushrods or their operation. Regards. Alan.
  5. This weekend. 14th & 15th June. I will be there, plus probably some "in service" green machines. Regards. Alan..
  6. It feels ok, but I don't have another to compare it to. Went to Tangmere aircraft museum last Sunday, there was no unusual noises coming from the pump, and the rad was warm all over, so I assume it is working ok. Regards. Alan.
  7. Hi Chaps. This must be a difficult question,:wow: either it is complete flannel, or there is loads of great minds looking at books, without finding the answer. Looking at the drawings for the 6LW, if the water pump seized it would strip the gear on the drive shaft, or twist the shaft itself. That is my opinion anyway. If there is more opinions out there please share.:tup:: Regards. Alan.
  8. I made some from rubber bench covering, cost, nout.:cheesy: Regards. Alan.
  9. Hi All. After my broken pushrod incident, now sorted thanks to Ed:-D, someone said that the water pump getting tight could cause this. Is there any way a fault with the pump could cause this?:readbook: Kind regards. Alan.
  10. Hi Ed. The rods arrived this morning, thanks. Kind regards. Alan.:saluting:
  11. Checked all the remaining rods and reset the tappet gaps, all nice and straight,:-D feel much more confident with the engine now. It shakes your faith in the vehicle when something like this happens, but the fact that it would keep running after the rod broke must say a lot for good old British engineering.:drive: Regards. Alan.
  12. Hi Edd. Not sure if the PM got sent, please can you confirm you got it ok. Kind Regards. Alan.
  13. Thanks to all for the information, but most will only provide recovery when you also have insurance with them. I called Boarhunt garage who do heavy recovery, as they are quite near where most of my travels take me, they are quite reasonable, and the bonus is you only pay when you use them. This is the first time in 10 years I have had a problem, but still did not need to be recovered.:cheesy: Kind Regards. Alan.
  14. Thanks Edd, that would be great if you had a spare, or two.:-D I will PM you my address. Regards. Alan.
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