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  1. Speaking of when it's gone it's gone have you seen this on Evilbay?: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bedford-300-Engine-TK-S-type-RL/224037794945?hash=item3429b17481:g:wP8AAOSwuRpe0-oJ Might be a cheaper option than rebuilding yours, looks like an early type as fitted to the green goddess. my original engine was completely buggered and I was lucky to find a rebuilt GG unit from the EFS reserve although it was considerably more than this one...lol I've just about finished my cab repairs , the usual, doors, floor pans ,lower wings and cheek pieces as well as mounting point's, thought it would never end but its looking good now. Keep going it's all about the ' Little victories !' do one thing at a time as if you look at the whole thing it will just demoralize you.
  2. I've ordered some Tracta joint seals and springs just to have them. I tend to buy parts as I come across them as from experience they are often not around later when you need them or hugely expensive. I have got off lightly, the rear brakes are better than expected and it looks like the handbrake tree is partially seized but the expanders,shoes and cylinders are working so I banged the drum's back on quick like! One of the front hub seals was sweating a bit but when I checked the hub oil level it was over filled by about a pint so I'm hoping it will sort itself out now after draining it back to the correct level. Lot of hope and praying going on with these restorations! Good luck with yours I'm looking forward to seeing your next instalment, I don't want to fill your blog up with my stuff and if I can get past being so lazy I may well start my own. Let me know if you need anything I might be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks again for the info
  3. Hi I'm restoring an Ex army REME machine shop RL and I'm about to rip the rear brakes apart. I don't suppose you could let me know who supplied your rear wheel cylinders and rear hub seals? I have a feeling I might be needing some at some point, I take my hat off to you old mate you have taken on a real challenge there , I thought mine was bad ! but your cab is really buggered. I'm fighting the same issues you are so if you want to swap war story's give me a nudge. Andy
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