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  1. Good Morning David Thank you for your email. The asking price is $60,000 excluding gov charges, we do have a local offer in the 50's currently. The engine has just over 200hrs and runs great with heaps of power. We have extras in the way of a spare set of sprockets and all it's track tools as well as a CES that would come with the sale. There's also some 432 bits eg a commanders Spotlight that came from somewhere. We have the vehicle records for this girl and the history was mainly BATUS. Hope this helps, if you need any further information, videos/photos please let me know. (I'm getting a boat and apparently I've too many toys at home lol) Kind regards Muzzer
  2. Hi Gents I'm am looking to sell my CVRT Spartan (D) It is in great working order and has a little over 200hrs on the engine. Comes with most of the CES including track tools and vehicle docs Vehicle is currently in Australia but can export as we all know All the best Muzzer
  3. Hi Chris Can you comfirm that the MC seal kits are a Landrover product, do you have any advice on where to procure seal kits from or an item number? I'm assuming all three units (steering x2 and main breaks x1) are the same item. Muzzer
  4. Hi Gents FYI I've just uploaded 2x Documents for CVRT (D) Spartan They could well be useful for much of the CVRT (D) variants For my vehicle, I've just dealt with a bad case of Diesel Bug so if you have any questions about how to go about adding in a pre-fuel filter with a primer pump you can actually reach, give me a shout. In other news I've just had the steering calipers reworked and next up are the three master cylinders. if anyone has advice or tips for the MC's it would be most welcome. All the very best Muzzer
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Gents I hope these documents are useful All the best Muzzer
  6. Basic question, but have you checked the datum holes are aligned on the sprockets/carriers?
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