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  1. Just a small clip of us trying out the Browning .30 cal today at Foxfield Railway for the battle scene Commander
  2. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    One of our members the North Staffs MVT has 2 of these monsters and he lives in the Stoke on Trent area I am sure he could be of some help Commander
  3. Yes nice to meet up on Sunday with yourself and quite a few others at Hooton Park ref the show this year I have booked sunshine for the whole weekend buddy I would show you the flyer we have done but I cannot get the bugxxxer to load Commander
  4. AFV water cans

    Hi Peter, if these are still for sale I will take both of them please Commander
  5. International Half Track

    Hi yes the Halftrack is still for sale Steve Chris
  6. International Half Track

    replied to Commander
  7. A Dodge WC57 fully restored 6 years ago comes with Browning .50 cal machine gun mounted on the side step many extra parts fitted good runner £24,995.oo. Commander
  8. A 1942 Dodge WC63 fully restored this is a real treat to drive to many new parts to list looking £13,995.oo. Commander
  9. Anti Aircraft Cannon

    A nice small anti aircraft cannon in good condition tows well behind a Jeep or Dodge Russian copy of a WW2 German design £6,995.oo. Commander
  10. 1940's DUKW

    For sale DUKW 1940's in fair to good condition swims needs tidying looking for £24,995.oo. another one waiting in the sidings to be done but no time Commander
  11. 1940's International half track needs restoring no time to do it so it is going to have to go looking for best offer around £9,995.oo. Commander
  12. Crossley 4x4 truck

    A 1940's restoration Crossley truck with a radio body on I think in need of a lot of work but quite a rare model I have been told the time is approaching when all these toys waiting to be restored will never get done so I am thinning out the stable looking for £2995.oo. Commander
  13. Hi Al yes it was very chaotic to say the least all day but we had 4 people on the stand on and off through the day and no one saw anything I think these toe rags use these big shows as a way to steal stuff I wonder if anyone else had any stuff nicked I have just seen that they saw someone nicking off a stall and informed the owner I would have broken his fingers first then told the trader Commander