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  1. For sale 12 x 12 tent in good condition might have small tear in side wall no poles looking for £100.oo each As above but new style with fly sheet sewn in etcc looking for £150.oo each located in North Staffordshire Commannder
  2. commander

    Importing a vehicle from Norway

    I purchased a vehicle from outside the EU and they charged me 20% VAT to get the paperwork and a NOVA certificate Commander
  3. A quick update on the War Wheels event the band that will be playing on Saturday night at Foxfield Steam Railway are called "Ignition" they are a local up and coming group and are very good indeed Chris
  4. I'm sure if there is someone to help we could drag the 25 pounder down to set up with you guys Chris
  5. Hi John, I have done a couple of events with Derek and he is very professional but he is already booked for that weekend but thanks for the heads up regards Chris
  6. I have just had confirmation the Ruth Elizabeth Washington will be singing her 40's themed songs over the weekend we are still looking for a Winston Churchill to attend if anyone knows of one Commander
  7. There was 16 slots available to start with 7 slots have already gone 9 have now gone or if you are feeling lucky you can buy a raffle ticket Commander
  8. If anyone wants to book a slot in the Spitfire direct here is the link but be quick they are going fast if not you can always buy a raffle ticket and take your chance on winning a go https://bookwhen.com/spitfirecrewsouthwest Commander
  9. Hi Paul , are you setting up in the little copse on the left as you go in again with the other British Airborne guys ? The Spitfire will be setting up where the traders was last year 100 metres up the entrance road from you Chris
  10. Who is going to Stoneleigh this Sunday 28/01/2018 Commander
  11. commander

    Nissen Hut Frames Wanted

    When we bought our Nissen hut it pretty much filled a 7.5ton flat bed truck Commander
  12. Here are a few Militaria shows going on 27th May - Picauville 2nd June - St Marie Du Mont and Carentan 3rd June - Grandcamp Maisey and Vierville Sur Mere 4th June - Ecausseville Hanger 5th June - Sainte Mere Eglise If I hear of any others I will post Commander
  13. Contact me if anyone wants to buy a ticket any profits made going to Help for Heroes and Foxfield Steam Railway SPITFIRE.docx
  14. I f anyone knows of any reenactors or group that does RAF they are quite welcome to come along and set up by the Spitfire that will be on site Chris
  15. Steve we are trying to keep the paperwork down so just drop me a pm or just turn up that will do unless you are bringing a tank or similar beast of that size we are keeping military style tents by the vehicles and the orange/ blue/pink ones at the far end of the field our aim is to try and make it an enjoyable and hassle free as possible Chris