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    military laptop LXI & radio set up

    Aye, that is the connector. Thanks for the various links m- they will be helpful. BTW my computer is a LXI-3 - so ultra modern (about 2002 from some of the internal stickers).
  2. iainmaoileoin

    military laptop LXI & radio set up

    After a bit of struggle I finally have antiX (linux) and w95 running on my LXI. What did I learn? Lots. The standard disk is a bog standard 40pin IDE. But the connectors are way far from stanard. So I stripped the machine down. fitted a standard IDE cable in place of the standard cable. I took the +5 and ground from the battery charger connector and wired the beast up to a SD to 3.5” 40 pin hard-drive adapter. Bingo, installs from CD onto the adapter. Also installs to an externally fitted 3.5 IDE disk - but that is less pretty. I had trouble doing instals of windoze to the SCSI drive (without an IDE) somway into the installs it got confused about C: and D: and e: Since it is windoze I just gave up and walked away. Unix/Linix installs OK to scsi. If I can can give anyone a hand with their kit, drop me a line. ---- Questions: Sound - does anyone know the corrects for the sound conector on military kit? Network - where can I get a connector for the fibre? I run fibre in lots of places - but with SFP, not with that muckle big connector on the LXI. Can anyone tell me what software ran on this kit? I would like to mock up some screens, but I have no idea what the function of this unit was. Thanks