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  1. Borderlord

    Can Am

    http://www.canned-ham.com/tech/Frame Serial Number Identification.pdf Found it...………...….
  2. Borderlord

    Can Am

    A long shot I know but my mate has bought a Can Am …..is there any way we could find out what year it is from the frame number??? It's...8960000838 Many thanks Borderlord
  3. Thank you so much...…….. Excellent stuff indeed...………. Borderlord
  4. Many thanks for that....I could see Antwerp in there but didn't know about the Germany bit...…….
  5. Anybody???????????
  6. Just received this document relating to my 1964 Triumph TRW...……. Can anyone give me a blow by blow account of the details.... Many Thanks Borderlord 03EN60 (1).pdf
  7. There is no doubt about it an awful lot of care went in to the making of this instrument. I will look after it for sure. It sits in my front porch now . Many many thanks for all the info....very much appreciated. The film is excellent and I do indeed recognise some of the components being manufactured.
  8. These are the markings...………. Forgot to say Thank You Tarland……
  9. I found this at the weekend in an old house in County Donegal and was wondering if it would be possible to get an instruction manual for it...it's dated 1942. Or does anyone on the boards know anything about how this operates. It's in fairly good condition but operating the controls that are on it doesn't really do anything. Many thanks Jimmy
  10. Many many thanks for all the replies..... Very much appreciated,,, Borderlord
  11. Can anyone give me a positive ID on this. And would it be possible to let me know the correct way to open it to replace the battery. Many thanks Borderlord
  12. Just while we are on the subject...is it advisable to disconnect the negative lead, while a battery on a vehicle is not in use ...or hasn't been in use for some time............
  13. That's the very same truck...I was looking at it last week.
  14. Thought you might be interested in seeing this wee truck. It belongs to a friend of mine. Borderlord
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