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  1. hi does anyone own or know of a mra 1 i can look at for measurements and info , my rebuild is stuck as need cab dimensions , i can,t find one in a museums either any thoughts
  2. hi i have sent a pm

  3. hi thank you i look forward to seeing what you have
  4. problem solved , its a fram ch850 pl thanks for the replies
  5. thank you i like the challenge of something unusual ,
  6. hi can anyone tell me which oil filter fits the morris mra 1 with original petrol engine , i cannot find any no's on the old one and all i know is its a fram filter head . the element measures 7- 3/4 '' high and 3 -3/4'' diameter thank you
  7. hi i am looking for a inlet / exhaust manifold for my 1952 morris mra 1 also a carburetor and any other parts any one has i might be interested in ,
  8. hello from norfolk [uk] , i have just purchased a morris mra 1 , it needs a lot of work but is fairly complete and will be a very interesting rebuild , the cab is the worst job needing extensive welding but do able so my first task is to get it running and stopping !
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