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  1. The Shielder from ForwardSupport The Netherlands.
  2. Hi Dale, That is fantastic, I will give you the extended tech manual now. (see attached) BTW we bought a "brandnew" shielder and are making it remotely operated, especially for fire fighting in tunnels etc. Min DoD Shielder unlocked.pdf
  3. Hi there, we bought an Alvis Shielder in the UK last month and now I am trying to find the drivers manual. We do have the official TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION already. Anyone out there who can help me out here with a digital copy? forwardsupport@adkoolen.com The Netherlands.
  4. Hi Shielder2002, I am looking for spareparts and for the drivers manual, maybe you can help us here? Reply to forwardsupport@adkoolen.com .
  5. From Holland to the repair shop in the UK
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