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  1. Yes, we have that document and I saw the post and the reactions, Thanks.
  2. Dear friends, We are having problems with gear shifting of the Shielder and somebody advised to check and repair (clean) the sticky solenoids. Due lack of time we only recently spent time on the shielder (we also did not drive it properly – only a bit on MoD training site) Solenoids are checked and they function fine. It appeared that gearbox contained water and grit. We emptied the gearbox slush and sent sample to LAB for proper check (I sent you outcome) gearbox was drained, filled with flushing oil to clean inside, we did several times, filled it with oil, drove it a bit, emptied it, cleaned it again with flushing oil, and again new oil. But gear shifting remains still “aggressive” : to shift gear with a “hard bang” at top of engine RPM. (is hard bang correct translation ?) It appears that the Shielder has 2 kinds of gear shifting programs : 1. Normal drive meaning gentle shifting at “half throttle” and program 2 : aggressive shifting only at engine top RPM Could you please advise us on the following possible causes : - Could it be the case that coupling plates are worn-broken ? - Could it be that the RPM sensor is broken ? - Could it be that the gearbox is broken ? Could there be other causes ? Do you know users with same experience ? Do you know people that know all-about the shielder and recognize the problem ? Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you,
  3. The Shielder from ForwardSupport The Netherlands.
  4. Hi Dale, That is fantastic, I will give you the extended tech manual now. (see attached) BTW we bought a "brandnew" shielder and are making it remotely operated, especially for fire fighting in tunnels etc. Min DoD Shielder unlocked.pdf
  5. Hi there, we bought an Alvis Shielder in the UK last month and now I am trying to find the drivers manual. We do have the official TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION already. Anyone out there who can help me out here with a digital copy? forwardsupport@adkoolen.com The Netherlands.
  6. Hi Shielder2002, I am looking for spareparts and for the drivers manual, maybe you can help us here? Reply to forwardsupport@adkoolen.com .
  7. From Holland to the repair shop in the UK
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