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  1. pop

    Munga talk...

    Hi all, Does anybody know where I can get a plate to join a munga gearbox and a 1.6 audi b2 engine as pictured. Thanks
  2. pop

    Munga talk...

    Hi all☺ New here and have nearly finished reading all 40 pages on this forum. I was wondering if there is any proof of one of these little darlings was ever made with four wheel steering, after having a good look at the setting of steering and suspension and breaks on the back end, it kind of stood out to me. I understand that making so many parts interchangeable from front to back is financial and mechanically clever but if this thought has hit my little mind then maybe it could have been an option in exploring from production. Cheers Ashley.
  3. Cheers for the welcome and thanks for the info about a micra engine fitting in. I believe that Autounion made a van and nearing the end of production they upgraded the engine from the dkw 1000cc to a vw 4 cylinder 1300cc. So I am on the lookout for a vw polo mk2 to raid the engine bay and the wiring loom. In the meantime the rougher looking tub from the photos is going to be sand blasted and the other tub is going to give up panels so my welding mate can make a new floored strong beast.
  4. Hi all I am Ashley, Along with my wife and two sons I operate a small pallet yard in Somerset. Some how I have managed to collect 2 Mungas from 2 different places over the last year but still don't have enough bits to make a running one. I came across this forum from a photo on Google when I was doing a bit of research and soon realised all on here are not stuffy. I can now start to plan the restoration of a 1964 Munga knowing that there are a bunch of happy and some slightly strange experts with the knowledge that I could not find any other place
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