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  1. Hi Maurice, I'm interested in your offer; please see my PM. Best Regards, Luigi
  2. Hi everybody, I've just bought a 10 cwt canadian trailer missing of rear pintle hook and "T" plate. I'd like to know if someone has these items for sale. Just for reference please find herein attached an image taken from internet showing a 10 cwt canadian trailer with rear pintle hook and the "T" plate. Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation, Best Regards, Luigi
  3. Dear Richard, I assume this "beast" could be in a US State, like Oregon, where there are a large number of lumber industries and lumberjacks; (I saw a lumberjack reality show on Discovery Channel last year located in Oregon.... :angel: ) Best Regards, Luigi
  4. Dear all, I don't know if you had the opportunity to see this video (from 1.11 minute) Hoping this may help discussion. Best Regards, Luigi
  5. Hi to everyone in the forum,Firstly, sorry for my awful English; my name is Luigi. I'm located near Milan area and I have been involved in this hobby for twenty-five years and I'm an happy owner of two jeeps:a November 1944 Willys composite body and a February 1942 Willys slat grill (Canadian Contract)Best Regards,Luigi
  6. Hi All! I'm new of this forum and I'd like to introduce myself: my name is Luigi, I'm an Italian guy lucky (:nono:) owner of two WWII jeeps: The first one, a 1944 Willys MB restored during the '90s and the second one a 1942 Willys MB Slat Grill Canadian Contract currently under restoration (and for sure it will not participate to Normandy 2009...). So... see you later in the forums!! Best Regards! Luigi
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