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  1. parka

    Dorking covenanter recovery

    Just thought i would say congratulations on the work, watched the episode last night. Very interesting watching, however the archaeologist seemed more excited about 303 ammo shells and hot water bottle bungs, than the Covenanter
  2. parka

    Hello from Leeds

    No we haven't been, although ironically we did make a note to visit this year, and missed it due to other plans. will deffinatley make a note in the calendar for next year though.
  3. parka

    Hello from Leeds

    Thanks for the welcome, trust me, if i ever pop in, you may never get rid of me.
  4. Hi everyone As a new member i thought i would post an introduction and say hello. My names Martin, currently work in an office environment in insurance (it is very yawn inducing), but used to be a motor mechanic before deciding to switch to a warmer if more boring environment. To get to the point, and explain how i ended up here, well i have to confess that i have been lurking for the past couple of days reading the forum, and especially the build logs. the reason been, i finally managed to fulfil a long held ambition to get behind the wheel, or should i say tillers of an FV432 down at Armourgeddon over the weekend, and had an awesome time. I have long held a fascination with all things military (i have never served in the forces), and was blown away by some of the hardware at Armourgeddon's museum. After Googling build logs for FV432 and the like, i found this forum, and have literally wasted 2 days of my employers time reading the fascinating build logs. I am still trying to convince the other half, that when we move and buy a house with a garage, we can get rid of the people carrier in favour of a CVRT, but its a loosing argument. So for the time been, i will live vicariously through the forum.