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  1. Thanks, I'll give them a ring monday and see if they've got them.
  2. Hello, new to the forums but been lurking for the past few months. A group of friends and myself have acquired some time ago an old Alvis Saracen FV611 ambulance used in the 1995 Judge dredd stallone film in various scenes. It's had extensive modification to the hull and bodywork and had panels either cut out or welded on to make it look more 'futuristic'. Unfortunately after filming it had no engine covers or front sealed hull so 20 odd years outside in all british weathers hasn't done it any favours and it's in a state. We've started restoring it to 'screen condition' and the wealth of information on here has been a huge help, but we're planning to get it road legal and registered and unfortunately it's got NO documents at all associated with it and doesn't appear to have ever been registered with the DVLA. I checked the list of vehicles on here but I didn't see it listed, it's military reg is 82BA48. I've already spoken to the DVLA and they advised me I'll need: MOD form 654 (bluecast) OR written evidence from defence sales agency OR certificate of origin I rang the MOD but got passed around a bit and nobody seemed much help, can someone offer any advice? We found some stampings on the chassis under the fuel tank and are hoping it's the VIN/chassis number for the V55/5. Please advise if you know what it means? WB&C. 1955 PLT 3853C IT 130
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