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  1. Thank you so much for the amazing response guys, we’ve learnt so much since first posting this and we’re incredibly thankful for your help. Unfortunately that being said with every answer comes more questions. Do any of you know if there’s a way of finding out what it’s job would of been doing in service? How many were built, when this particular one was built and what it was used for? Possible pre service history as well if any? Again any info would be much appreciated even if it’s just a point in the right direction for us to follow. Many thanks again
  2. I believe the small hand Winch was a later add on as you rightly say. Unknown why though
  3. Thank you, how can we go about receiving a copy of said info?
  4. Bryan you truly are a hero! Amazing!!! Everything you said ties in as the yellow is most definitely under the boring green. That is without a doubt the 1st picture I've seen of it in all its glory, my mate is gonna... well I can't really say but he's gonna love it! i suppose it's too much to ask if you know any extra info on it, or the whereabouts of said info? To everyone else that has taken the time to reply to this thread I thank you too, to some extent you have all played a part. I'll be sure to add a video below (if you can add videos?) of it running and will also keep you all updated on the project. Again many many thanks and please don't consider this a closed door yet as any and all further information would be much appreciated!
  5. I agree it does kinda resemble the sentinel, which was our 1st thoughts, but there are so many differences in so many ways that I don't think it can be. It's massive! Having gone around our machine measuring etc and then looking at the sentinel plans it's quick to see that the similarities really are slim. The problem is that I can't get any definitive answer from Douglas. One minute it's one thing and the next it's another. Rumour has it it is one of 12 machines that were deployed to Diversion airfields across the uk (at the time 12 diversion airfields were in use) but this went cold. Since that chat with them they haven't suggested anything other than "we think it might be related to the P111, but it might not. That's all we can help with, sorry" I've managed to get a pic of the stamp plate, hopefully this might unlock another door somewhere. Also a pic of the front drivers side, I'll get a full frontal shot in the next couple days. Curiously it's also been painted green not the usual blue/grey RAF colours
  6. The pics etc of aforementioned project have been posted in the research centre area, check them out!
  7. Hi there, Is there anyone out there who knows anything about this machine? Douglas said it could possibly be based on the P111 but I really can't see it. It's so much bigger! It has a Rolls Royce C turbocharged engine that was in production from the 50's-70's and it has a massive winch on the back of it that moves so slowly you'd hardly notice it. The tug was yellow at some point in its life before being painted by the RAF presumably when some sort of take over happened? It was 1st registered on the public road after MOD use in 1988, was used up until 1994 and has sat quietly since. Now it's time to crack on with the restoration. If there is anyone that can help with an I.d and who might know the history of it then please get in touch! You'd be a massive help even if you only pointed me in the right direction. Many thanks, Jared Ps- you'll notice one of the drawings is what I've measured and designed ready for making a fabrication cutting list
  8. Hi, My name is Jared and thank you for accepting me here. I'm on a quest for information. Information that so far has eluded me at every turn I take. Said information would be really beneficial in the restoration of a little project that's under way. I'll post a full thread on this later with all the pics and Info available once I've got to grips with the site*. Please keep an eye out in the research category (I think, I'll check) as any and all help would be much appreciated. I look forward to chatting and getting to know you. Many thanks Jared *Ok ok I'll let you in on a little bit, it's a Douglas Tugmaster that a friends Dad owns and we can't find any information on it anywhere. No pictures, nothing. Douglas suggested it was along the lines of a P111 but I think you'll agree from the pics it's clearly not. It's massive! Like I say any info we have and pics will be in the full thread.
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