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  1. Pair of Triumph Pre Unit Nacelle type forks everything included, Top and Bottom yokes fork legs ,seal holders bar clamps, everything but Stantions, all in useable order, all threads good, Items in Scotland, First sensible offer, 07563030455. No longer available SOLD!!
  2. Hello,that looks like the best approach,thank you.
  3. Thank you I have a copy of that particular manual, but the wiring diagram is difficult to work with, no colour coding etc.
  4. Unfortunately no that wiring diagram (which is very clear) is for later machines with Lucas electrics, but thank you.
  5. Hello can anyone advise where I can obtain a wiring diagram for the Mk 11 TRW, With BTH Electrics, the one in the reproduction manual is almost impossible to work out. regards Kenny
  6. Hello, New to the forum and currently building a MK 11 TRW TRIUMPH, Slow progress but will get there.
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