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  1. Now I see a machine for testing image intensified night vision, daylight sighting and surveillance instruments. Well that's Interesting I guess the next thing to work out is what I am going to do with It As I am guessing there are not to many people in the world with this at the top of there wanted list. :-):-) Once again thanks all for the info If anyone has more info please let me know Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info and taking the time and trouble to help fond out what it is :-)
  3. well that's a new direction thanks for your best Guess Info much appreciated thank you
  4. I may be stupid but seems a good place for me I have some form of perhaps optical test equipment or perhaps its something to do with infer red I have no Idea but I know you guys are the best in the business and will be able to tell me what it is and perhaps what it is for , It states top and base unit and has some form of telescope that moves in and out and all sorts of switches and nobs please have a look at the pictures a big heavy lump would love to know what it is please help if you can Thanks
  5. Hi All my name is Dean and have just joined. I have a big Interest in military vehicles so this is the place to be. I have also inherited various military surplus vehicle parts and other equipment from my Father, so perhaps I will be using the classifieds section in the future as well.
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