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  1. Great. D battery was the 1st unit used in Aden... E
  2. Hi All, i am searching e-mail of Muckleburgh Tank Museum. Thanks for help Enzo
  3. I don' t know. It is on an L5 Pack Howitzer in Muckleburgh Tank Museum. Enzo
  4. Hi All, do you know which British Artillery Battery used the following draw? Enzo
  5. Hi All, which is a Land Rover model used in Aden emergency (see attached pic)? Thanks in advance. Enzo
  6. Hi All, do you know if Land Rover 101 was been used with 105mm L5 Pack Howitzer? i was not able to find any pic. Thanks in advance Enzo
  7. :-) google done... few results. I am searching unknown or less know pics of 105mm captured. There were 36 Howitzers. Some of them are in UK too. I found a couple of then inside museums.Ty
  8. Hi all, i am searching photos of 105/14 howitzers during Falkland war. Thanks in advance Enzo
  9. With my compliments. So interesting news. Do you know something about HMS BULWARK with L5 Pack Howitzer on deck? i saw one pic where L5 are firing from deck. I belive that HMS BULWARK was carrying an unknown RHA in Middle East Area (Aden? when? which RHA bty). Do you know if there are other pics with howitzers on deck? Do you know if HMS ALBION did it too? Thanks in advance Enzo
  10. Thanks so much. Do you have any idea about gloss black or dark green used? is it always a deep bronze green? Enzus
  11. About BSC 381C No. 361 Light Stone i found a colour photo of L5 Pack Howitzer - 1st RHA 1965. Sand colour looks different from Light Stone. It looks close to No.352 Pale Cream. Dark colour looks a gloss black. On other hand i found a photo with 2 colours camo and it looks with No.361 Light Stone and a matt dark green that is different from Deep Bronze Green. Enzus
  12. Hi All, I am searching colour references (like BS381C or RAL) for vehicles and weapons used by British Army in Aden and Radfan 1961-1967. From black and whiTe photos I found: - 2 colours camo: light sand and black (or dark green). It is difficult to understand from pics; - 1 colour camo: light sand; - overall green, probabily deep bronze green (gloss or semigloss?). Thanks in advcance for any help. Regards Enzus
  13. Hi all, thanks so much for forum access. I am a UK military history and equipment enthusiast. Regards Enzus
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