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  1. Thats what the Registration plate is off a pair of Fore and hind GS Wagon Limbers ,currently on block and tackles in the workshop .
  2. I have asked for some and will wait to be given them regards Nigel
  3. I am going back there today on other business i will ask those questions regards Nigel
  4. Me TOO ! Been invited for dinner a few times around there, many times been stopped by the locals and been shown great kindness !
  5. I was offered a pair of 1917 dated rear Dennis Wheels today one with location for a spocket or something, have small brass date tag (1917) solid rubber tyres etc ! By a chap here in Tonbridge Regards Nigel
  6. Why the Somme ? In 2014 and not 2016 0n the 100th anniversary of that battle and part of the war, Surely Mons is the place to commerate the 100th anniversary of the Great War its also the year the Ypres Salient was formed ! Again that year was dominated by Horse Transport and Equipment Just thinking out loud !
  7. More photos of those Horse Drawn bits can be see here http://thequeensown.com/2012%20galleries/heavy%20horse%20show/index.html Regards Nige
  8. Hi Tim, I know of one other in good state, one earlier one rotting in Surrey and one rotting away in a pub garden in Kent ! they survived as they were used as cattle carts by farmers after the war , Kind regards Nige
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