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  1. Thanks all for your assistance with this mystery. It's almost certain they are mostly Studebaker 6x6, 6x4 gearbox parts. The parts were purchased by my father in the early 70's at a government auction which lines up with when all of the US6's were finally sold off at various army auctions. Apparently Australia ended up with around 1200 US6's so there'd be no shortage of parts for any restorers here. A bit more research and I've stumbled across mention of one Ross Prince (ph 07 41244075) in Queensland having "hundreds of tons" of US6 parts. I'll put them into a corner of my own shed and decide at a later time if they're worth keeping. Thanks again, Phil Morton
  2. I've just had a quick look deeper down in the drum and have this.... Reo Motors Inc, Part Number 667391 Retainer, Model 6x6; LV3/LD X31850 Race Inner; LV7/NEU 6B-150658 Shaft; LV7/NEU FA-160040 ? Flange; LV7/NEU FA-160022 ? ; Studebaker Corporation p/n SD630670, Item Code G067-03-0(0?)090 Group 1104 Thrust Block; LV7/NEU ID no GB-15017,On a tag marked AAF-F 450 (reprinted July, 1963) Most tags have reprint dates from mid 50's to mid 60's Perhaps better I put this up over to the U.S. Vehicle section and see if they can throw some light on it all. Regards - Phil
  3. I'm likely on the wrong track looking into some of the parts origin earlier thinking British. Studebaker and Reo Motors parts found amongst it all. GB150219 Washer LV7/NEU GB150190, Fork LV/NEU RA-170022, LV7/NEU FA-160381 Nut, LV7/NEU 150507 Carrier, 2-Gear Countershaft 3rd Speed, Rest of two crossed out Mfr's # SD66(56?), another marked LV7/NEU, GB-150170 LV7/NEU GB-150208 Rod Gearshift, LV7/NEU GB-151079 Washer, LV7/NEU GB-151073 Fork, Reo Motors, Inc Part Number 667307 Group 1006, Bushing, Model 6x6 Studebaker Corp Part Number 667367, Model 6x4 There's more in the bottom of a drum to pull out yet but mostly more of the same I think. (ps Thanks Terry for your help yesterday) Cheers - Phil M
  4. I've got a couple of drum loads of parts I originally believed to be Matida tank but restorers say otherwise, but could not otherwise ID them. Google has given some hints that they belong to a 6x6 likely British, but until I delve deeper that's all I've got. Perhaps someone out there can help once having a good look at a sample of the parts displayed. Thanks in advance, Phil Morton http://s356.photobucket.com/user/phixxy/media/DSC03279_zpsfgkiugyd.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
  5. Just a little history of the Matilda...... The parts have been in the shed at least 30 years that we are aware. I'm not sure that they had always been under cover. Dad got the Matilda MkV with all the spare parts at a government auction in probably the late 70's for $500 with first intentions of converting to a bulldozer and heading to Coober Pedy to mine for opals. That idea faded and he planned to pull the two Leyland engines out to go on a boat, but it sat in a paddock for too long away from our home without any security and he went back one day to find someone had stolen the engines with likely the same idea in mind. The tank itself stood there for maybe another 10 years until his cousin lost patience with it on his property and we believe it was cut up for scrap. Not sure why dad never got rid of the parts, but he was always a hoarder so may explain it. I'm quite sure most of the parts were sold as spares in new condition but can't confirm. 90% sure radiators were never used but hard to dig out the others to get a better idea at the moment. Here are pics of just a small selection of what we understand are mostly not Matilda bits (Thanks to Matt) but would love to know what they are for. I'm pressed for so much time now but I'll get up Matilda parts pics before end of coming weekend I hope. http://s356.photobucket.com/user/phixxy/media/DSC03279_zpsfgkiugyd.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 Cheers - Phil Morton
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening. Please don't be offended that I'm here more that I'm asking for help in identifying a heap of new parts we understand are mostly for a Matilda MkV tank but more so a lot of parts besides that likely belong to military vehicles that we cannot identify. Recently our father passed away and the family is left with the enormous task of going through two sheds full of parts, a lot of what we can only guess at. The closest I came to an interest in historic military vehicles was to restore one of dad's ex WWII 42WLA Harley Davidson motorcycles over 20 years ago now. My days of riding bikes are over though due to a back injury and so the Harley along with enough parts to build almost another two are heading to auction, along with his 50's era Nortons, BSA's and Velocette. If permitted, I'd like to post a web address with photos of these parts in the hope that someone out there might be able to identify them. From there we're not sure what to do, but it would be surely a better option to give someone that can use them an opportunity to grab them than to send them to scrap as we intend to do with a lot of the Matilda wheels and sprockets that no one has a use for these days. We've got a taker already for the rest of the Matilda spares though. Thanks for the opportunity to let you know what I'm about. Cheers, Phil Morton
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