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  1. I have reluctantly realised it's time to face the fact that I'm unlikely to ever give this truck the attention it deserves, so I am offering it for sale. Late 1942 GMC CCKW 353 LeRoi compressor truck. Has been stood outside for a number of years and requires full restoration. The truck is complete, original and basically sound, however the motor and brakes are stuck through standing and the close cab requires fairly extensive work. There will be included a quantity of original new old stock or very good used parts which I have collected over the years, these include instruments and sheet metal. Asking £2000. The truck is located near Barmouth, West Wales and is accessible by transporter/low loader. Please no tyre kickers, time wasters or photo collectors. I want to see it go to someone who will restore it (as what it is, and has always been, a compressor truck). Any genuine enquiries welcome. Thanks, Matt.
  2. Military Land Rover Defender Headlamp Bulb?

    Thanks Clive!. Matt.
  3. Hi, This is probably a dumb question,but can anyone give me a part number for the correct headlamp bulb(12 volt) for the Lucas FV headlamps fitted to a Land Rover Defender?. I thought I had the correct bulb but I'm having trouble fitting it into the reflector unit using the spring clip. Thanks, Matt.
  4. Loyd Carrier

    Hi Alastair, This is a long shot but could the brake drums you are looking for be the same as those fitted to a Canadian Chevrolet C60? if so I have a set which need a home! Best wishes for 2012! Matt.
  5. Cromwell Serial Numbers?

    Many thanks to you both!. Not thinking of getting one Rick! just a bit of research:-) Matt.
  6. Cromwell Serial Numbers?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where the serial numbers would be on a Cromwell hull?. Would they only appear on a dataplate,and if so where is that located? or was the number also stamped into the hull?. Thanks, Matt.
  7. S3 Landie....

    Hi Neil, The side aerial mounting brackets do come in two sizes and the one in your pic is the later type fitted to 90's and 110's. There should be plenty of the earlier Series type around. Matt.
  8. Fordson F Tractor

    I just came across this postcard of a Fordson Model F tractor being used as an artillery prime mover and I was wondering if anyone has any info on the use of the Fordson F by the British Military during or after WW1?. Thanks, Matt.
  9. introducing Chalkie

    Hi Pete,good to see you here and many thanks for contacting me! Cheers, Matt.
  10. Matt Rimmer - Contact needed.

    Thanks FT! I'll contact him now.... Matt.
  11. In gods name, what were they thinking?

    Agree completely with the comments above. How on earth could he think doing that would be appropriate in any context?. I do wonder if this would this have been allowed to happen at all a few years ago when many more veterans would likely have been present?.
  12. cle trac

    Good to see a pic of the compressor being used as intended. Later model B-26 Marauder in the background.
  13. B17 wreck, Papua New Guinea

    Chris you have raised a very good point and this is why I'm personally not in favour of the presumption that an aircraft should be restored,especially when it's well preserved and historically important(such as the B-17 above or the P-38 from Iceland). I would much prefer to see a conserved wreck than a "restored" aircraft which in fact is little more than a replica. Matt.