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  1. here the pictures Regards Manfred
  2. for sale Speedo Drive. Presumably Royal Enfield WD. rotates drive axle clockwise, output anticlockwise, translation 1.5 -1 make offer Regards Manfred
  3. This part I have to replace many thanks for helping Manfred
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a Front Wheel Hub for my 3HW. Maybe someone deliver something. Regards Manfred
  5. I do not want to pay about € 170.- (all incl.) for two gears. The outer diameter from the large gear (which on the wheel hub) would be enough for me. Of course the other dimensions would save me a lot of calculation. Regards Manfred
  6. the angular gear can I get new, but I also need the small gear on the angular gear and the large on the wheel hub. These two gears i want produce
  7. Hi Ron, my brake linkage is completed, and works well! Thanks again for the help Regards Manfred
  8. Hello can someone the dimensions and the modulus of the front hub Speedo Drive Gear + Speedo Drive Gear Gearbox say for my 3HW? anyone knows where you can buy the angular gear? Regards Manfred
  9. yes, so it is with us in Germany. With an oldtimer do I have to only once during commissioning to MOT. What comes after that is another matter.
  10. First I must by motorbike to MOT. He wants a "E4" on the lens, and a window for the number plate lighting.
  11. I will temporarily mount a MT110 (also for our MOT). But I am continue to looking for a MCT1 WD Regards Manfred
  12. Thanks Ron, that helps me. Seeking continue to org. or replica Manfred
  13. can anyone name this measure? till I have the MCT1 light, I want to temporarily installing a different light, but drilling equal the correct holes. Thanks for your help Regards Manfred
  14. I have also found, but unfortunately also "out of stock" :embarrassed:
  15. Sorry, my Google finds only "Draganfly" with "no stock"
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