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  1. I would recommend speaking to bobc1940 on here
  2. Hello, what would u like to know?
  3. Took the fordson & C type,F type bomb trolleys to leyburn 40s weekend
  4. Yes these engines are from bowsers as on the end I'd the drive coupling to the pump shaft
  5. Yes they were on the larger trollies,think I've spotted one local to me so I'm going to have a look as its just appeared,have a feeling its been dragged out poss 4 scrap collection!!
  6. Hey,there good that's just what I had in mind,its just a matter of a mould!! Bet they don't bounce about during transport!!
  7. Mayb? Did think of cement but may get 2heavy..
  8. Hi,not sure yet got a mate who's ex bomb disposal who might b able to get me a casing so I could make a mould to make some, out of what,I don't know yet
  9. Linked up the two finished trolleys for 1st time so couldn't resist a tow round,apologies for the German tractor!! Fordson on the blink...
  10. Hi Bob I got the tyres as new oldstock from local tyreman who has been in the trade for years & was familiar with older sizes etc unlike some of the newer retailers who were abit clueless n wanted rims taking in ad they were unsure,I wanted a roadtread pattern or as near to it as poss,they came with gaiters n tubes for £40each,he does have 1 left but can get new but prob bit more pricewise.
  11. Hello, thankyou for the comments yes they are only trailers but they were important at the time! I've always wanted one & now have 2 & 2 fuel bowsers,I like my farm things but have always had an interest in ww2 RAF for some reason,its something different up here & generates a lot of interest at shows I go to.
  12. Got the axles reattached to the frame,just some bomb racks to rig up!
  13. Wanted,bowser pump clock as pictured,..
  14. Got the steering axle back together on the bomb trolley just need to find 2 tyres,getting quite heavy now!!
  15. Yes I was going to but I think I can sort the dented cylinder on mine,the other didn't have any spares really & was badly cracked,the scrappies wud prob want a fortune for any parts
  16. Yes they must of had a couple of bowsers at one time
  17. Yes,hope u got all those wheels away OK,think it will want some serious pressure to pop it out tho,I'm in no panic to do it at mo so plenty of time for head scratching!!good to meet u2
  18. The grey one had been dropped at sometime & had a crack running round part of it&a lot of it was missing parts,the other looked the better buy,I'm still working out how to straighten out the copper cylinder, thought of cutting it in half n investing in a planishing hammer?
  19. Finally got a pump for the 450gall bowser,has some nice original lettering also bit of damage to sort,I couldn't save the grey one which was sold to scrapmen & will sadly prob be smashed up!
  20. Saw an ad on framers free ads,there's a 20ft long ex military trailer free in Cornwall?,I was in contact with Gary? Sometime ago re one near me,I havnt his details anymore but know he comes on here if anyone knows him can they let him know as he is looking for one for fairground use? & they getting abit scarce now apparently, thanks
  21. im looking for 2 hubcaps for a C type bomb trolley,the outside thread diameter is 78mm,anything close to one in pic would be OK or I can alter to suit.
  22. I'm wanting them to be wartime but I've seen plenty of "classic" style ones with same button fastening & waist tie that are mechanics overalls but are white,which isn't an issue as I can get them dyed blue or altered,I had some blue YTS ones in the 80s which thinking back would have done the job now
  23. Wanted a pair of overalls,pref with button type fastening same as RAF ground crew,mechanics would have worn,no probs if different colour as can change size around 44"
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