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  1. Hello

    Last week end at the famous meeting "LE PAS DE CALAIS LIBERE" in the town of SOUCHEZ , a french collector came with a GMC 'AVITAILLEUR' with a fuel tank body made by HEIL and a very rare trailer.

    The interressant point was the original marking on the trailer . These late was found one or two month ago under a haystack.


    Regards to all Serge




  2. Hello


    In our association (UNIVEM PARIS) we own a FORD CANADA F15 with cab number 13 and first model because it own civilian instrument and the push barr is between the cab and the front BUMPER.


    I confirm you that there is no oil filter


    Regards Serge

  3. Hello


    I think that STORMIN is right. On WWII american truck there is no specific part mounted only for to have a marking (a star as showed on the previous pic). So I think that the purpose of these steel plates was to protect the mudguard when the truck was pushing an other truck or trees.


    I had soon asked to some owner of WARD LA FRANCE but nobody was able to give me an answer.


    regards Serge

  4. Hello


    I post two pics of a MACK LMSW used by british army. I think that the frame is the same than the frame MACK LMSW used by canadian army but the body is different. This body is not the same than the body of DIAMONT T980 or T981. I note that this truck belongs to an old man and it will be a good thing to save the truck before it will be too late.


    Regards Serge



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  5. Hello


    My « PSEUDO » will be Serge and I was born in NORTH of AFRICA 63 years ago and now I live near PARIS in FRANCE.

    My first connexion with world war two military vehicle occurs when I was 5 years old.

    My father was loocking to buy a truck and he led me in a French military camp where a lot of truck should be released.

    I remember that there was mainly CANADIAN TRUCKS (CHEVROLET and FORD CMP, DODGE T110 and also French lorries as FORD F798, CITROEN P45)

    “In fine” my father bought a DODGE T110 D60 L5 with a steel body and with light stone paint. Maybe was it a relic of the eight army of MONTGOMERY.

    Some 40 years later I found an other DODGE T110 in south of FRANCE. During my visit of the scrap yard I discovered two FORD CANADA F60L.

    I bought one of them and the DODGE T110. After restoring the DODGE, I used it for the main meeting in FRANCE (LE PAS DE CALAIS LIBERE) where every year we meet british military vehicle collector.

    I am an daily reader of the MAPPLE LEAF FORUM and some time I post a reply to some threat.

    As you asked me, I join pics of my two canadian lorries. I own also a DODGE WC51 late model (composite body) and a JEEP M38A1C (C because it was used with 106 mm gun).

    I am an "active member" since near 25 years of MVCG PARIS ILE DE FRANCE.

    Regards Serge



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