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  1. Then we can say for sure that we have confirmed the myth that the tilt can be used as a tent! 🙂

    To further show how unchanged this car is: here are some photos of a rim(unused) that came with it (and a factory photo)






  2. On 10/18/2018 at 9:36 PM, Sigve said:

    These ithems came with our Morris. Can someone tell me where they go?


    IMG_3257 ident.jpg

    Have found the place for part no. 5 and confirmed the orientation of the back lockers:



  3. Have studied the article in Wheels & Tracks No 30. Our C8 have a contract nr. 7447. Acording to Wheels & Tracks this contract is a GS FFW (Fitted for wireless), but on our data plate it says GB not GS. Any ideas about this?


  4. David and Simon,

    These detail was found in our Morris:  1Peg for securing antenna or tent?  1"part" to set inside tiltpipes (need 4) to prevent it from going into the ground. This have been cut and is therefor not 100% correct. It might miss the third part in the photo which also have been modified.




  5. Simon,

    Among the parts included in with this vehicle, there might be a detail that supports your teory (give me a day or two). Would love some more photos like the one you put inn. Pleace keep them comming! 🙂

    Here is a little video of the rescue:


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  6. Thanks David,

    Smal info: This is not my truck. It belongs to a museum - Rogaland Krigshistoriske Museum Norway.  I`m a voluntary at the museum. This way I can have as many military vehicles as I like without hiding anything. I only have some for myselves 🙂

    For tje Morris I have been looking at all the photos of MWR`s that I can find, and this helped a lot. But....... I will need more info specific for the Morris. F.e. The tailgate on the Morris is narrower than the one on the Bedford - So the rear boxes can not be opened backwords??

    Another detail that came with this truck is the 3pieze extention for the canvas:


  7. Hi David,


    This is out of military service. The farmer that had it, only removed the interior in the back and built on brackets for a sowplog at the front. He have also replaced the mirrors and the shilded ignition, but these parts came with the vehicle. He placet it in the barn some 40years ago. My gues is that he bought it from the army late 50s.

    Trying to find out how this came to the Norwegian army. This must have been before 1949: there are no trace of the new reg nr. so no key-card for this one.


  8. Thanks REME 245,

    Found a lot of info. We where now able to place all the big boxes and table. The smaler bits and pieces will take time, but I think most parts are there. The Morris is now plased in our museum store.


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  9. Have confirmed that this is a softskin wireless. Have all the equipment (I think?), but need a photo or something to se how this is to be mounted. Hope to get some help. Have not found anything on the net yet 😕


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