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  1. Hi Richard Thanks for that, I have no idea about the numbering system the military uses so all information is greatly received. I have E Mailed the ROYAL ENGINEERS MUSEUM CHATHAM with both options so fingers crossed we will find out more info. I will post some more pics as soon as we get them downloaded as we now have some of it up and running. Its a monster. Thanks for all the help so far!:-)
  2. Hi wally thanks for that!! Your eyesight must be really good we had trouble working out the numbers even from close up!! (we made it 82ZX82) I will contact the ROYAL ENGINEERS MUSEUM CHATHAM and keep you posted! Thank you so much!!!!
  3. Hi There Attached are a few pics of our TD18 that we have rebuilt the engine on from the ground up and done a few other bits such as freeing the RH steering clutch and the brakes off as it had stood for 20+ years. Its all up and running now but would be great if we could get any info on it as it has some olive drab left on it and the remains of some numbers on the side. Nice looking outfit by the way mate!! Maybe one day ours will look as good.
  4. Hi there my name is Steve. I work for an agricultural college in Kent as a lecturer in agricultural engineering and have done for about 3 years now. I have no military background at all in fact the closest I have got to any thing military is a few vintage vehicles as I help to organize local shows and events. (mostly agricultural based) So why am I on this forum I hear you ask? Well its a story that started 10 years or so ago when I heard about this International TD18 crawler. Long story short the college have bought it rebuild it mechanically and now show it at a few vintage shows BUT we need some help to get some history off of it as we know from the olive drab paint that remains and some just identifiable numbers that this 1940's machine has had a military past. I will be posting some photos and hopefully one of you kind folks out there can help out. Great forum by the way.
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