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    Owner/Director of The 1940s Roadshow.
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    Elec/Mech engineer for a few more weeks then I retire to carry on with Roadshow.
  1. I need two left and two right brake cylinders for my baby, could anyone assist with info on suppliers or someone who maybe has spares in their garage for sale please.:-D
  2. Hi I have owned an 1952 Austin k9 prototype for almost two years and it is the main workhorse towing field kitchen/ generator and carrying all our kit/canvas for shows, a brilliant truck inspite of its age. I am now looking to ease it time left by getting it a partner, Not to great a vehicle mechanics so have to rely on local garage, spares are a problem such as brake wheel cylinders, suppliers a bit scarce in this kneck of the woods. :cool2:
  3. A first event at this location, a lot going into it to make it a year on year event. Vehicles WW11 and post war, re-enactors/skirmish, traders, entertainment, licenced bar, evening dance to Carton Big Band and catering via Army field kitchen throughout.
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