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  1. I think i should now bring this upto date with what was achieved before i sold it on. Id like to think the work I did saved it.
  2. It actually didnt rain today so I was able to do some work on it... URL=http://s488.photobucket.com/user/coritna/media/Photo0842_zps25c7b6e3.jpg.html][/url]
  3. broken down into its components. it contains large amounts of bronze, brass, copper, aluminium plus the chassis, engine, box. 4x4 axles are classed as heavy scrap at top prices, and all the additional equipment including the portable coventry climax pump can be sold. and its registration has had a valuation of£1000 although i don't know how you would fair with the MOT exemption. but im not doing that..............
  4. Thanks for all the comments, its thankfully only woodwork, but its something I am not very good at.
  5. In between showers today Ive managed to finish the passenger side frame taken me nearly two weeks
  6. Well here it is, recently purchased on ebay for the magic sum of £500 it was complete with all its kit and documents. However, its was far worse than expected, when it eventually arrived home. To be honest it was only fit for scrap, if I broke it down it would make around £1500 - £2000 in scrap and leave me with piles of spares for another. But I cant do it, these are slowly dying off or being converted. photograph I purchased it from Arrived at home - doesn't look too bad what it really was like
  7. Just thought Id finally introduce myself here. I am Mark Humphrey from South wales. I own a very rotten 1955 bedford rlhz Green goddess. I cant bring myself to see it scrapped so have started a major rebuild of the entire frame, from a financial viewpoint its not viable, You could buy better for less than this will probably end up costing. Im not skilled and have limited funds so its being rebuilt on a shoe string with recycled materials where possible. I like any british Military vehicles, but have a particular interest in those from second world war and cold war era. I did write an introduction a while back but it doesn't seem to have registered.
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